At Clapham Spiritualist Church we offer  mediumship with accomplished clairvoyants. They have been developing and  practicing their  abilities for many years. Tuesday is the evening on which we host private readings and healing. On Saturdays we have an Evening of Clairvoyance. We can be found in the listings in ‘Two Worlds’ magazine.





The Church provides healing by qualified, SNU, trained healers On Tuesday evenings three different healers are available. They channel their healing guides and bring about balance holistically,bringing about healing and relief for those with whom they work.



Clapham Spiritualist Church does Workshops and Special Evenings of Clairvoyance with high calibre teachers and mediums. For more information please contact us.


Clairvoyance and Healing ability are, in many cases, present  from birth. However there are many legal aspects which must be conformed to in order to practice  these ‘arts’. The Spiritualist Church website is dedicated to the promotion and demonstration of these abilities.

In Spiritualist Churches we provide clairvoyance,healing and training. The prices for these vary dependent on which service you require. For further information feel free to contact us.





For Further Information Please Call Dominic on: 07885785999 or Argentina on: 07853141553.


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