Our Approach

At Clapham Spiritualist Church we welcome everyone to participate in our Sunday Service, Evenings of Clairvoyance every Saturday and we offer clairvoyant readings and healing every Tuesday evening.

Our Story

Clapham Spiritualist Church has been serving the local community and beyond since the mid 1950’s. Harold, the Church President has been a member of the Church for more than 40 years. Another elderly member has been in the congregation for almost 50 years.

Meet the Team

At Clapham Spiritualist Church we believe in being of service to the public in and beyond Clapham. By serving the people around us we serve The Great Spirit. We set out to help people find solutions to problems with which they are faced on a day to day basis.

  Our service comes through our gifts of healing and clairvoyance. We bring about change in people’s lives and circumstances by way of sharing these. Whether we provide proof of survival beyond death or act as an intermediary in the process of helping someone to bring about an improved outlook due to learning to let go of an ailment.





 Ralph has been serving Clapham Spiritualist Church in his capacity as a medium since 2014. He is widely travelled and has done healing work in India.

Argentina has been serving Clapham Spiritualist Church as a medium for many years. She is a calm person and her approach is very healing.


Harold is an accomplished healer. His approach to the client is very calming. He is a great listener and can give enlightening advice. He has been connected to Clapham Spiritualist Church for over 40 years.


Debbie is a long serving, motherly, healer. The healing energy flows through her naturally and hits the spot. She is a very grounded individual and is  filled with the love of Spirit.




Jack has been doing healing work for many years. He is a natural philosopher. He always has  great advice and is health conscious. He has a dearth of spiritual knowledge.

These gifted clairvoyants and healers are available at the Church every Tuesday evening from 6.00.

Every Saturday evening, from 7:30 there is a demonstration of clairvoyance.

On Sunday evening we have our Sunday Service starting at 6.00.