Have you ever met a medium? I talk of, apparently, outlandish rather than outfitters The mediums of whom I talk provide a link between our world and that of the spirit people; those who have gone over to the other side of life.

Those, over there, are always available to assist those who they have left behind in this land of solidity. They  make contact through mediums  who convey messages to us. Mediums work either on platform and convey the messages tomembers of an audience or in a one to one reading.

The main purpose of mediumship is to prove life  beyond death. However the spirit people sometimes give a preview of  things to come.


Spiritual Healers act as a bridge across which the healing energy connects with the ‘patient’ on the Earth plane. Many Spirit Guides as well as  doctors, therapists et al, who have passed over, work through healers to bring about balance and equilibrium in people on this side of life. In many cases this can bring about a cure. However healing is not to be confused  with curing. In many cases someone who is ready to pass over can be helped on their journey by the healing energy.

Special Events and Evenings of Mediumship

We host Special Events with well known mediums and healers from different parts of the country. Throughout the remainder of 2018 many such events are coming up.

For further information please watch this space or call or email us.

We look forward to meeting you at our Church.